And the purging (blogging) begins ….


I’m a not so proud butterfly gamer.  Which is ‘what, exactly’ I hear you ask? Apparently (at least according to an ex colleague of mine), it’s the term used for people like myself that flit from game to game to game, never finishing anything, but buying pretty much everything that comes along (ok, so maybe I added that second part).

And I’ll get to them all I swear! That endlessly growing list of Steam games, for sure (and they were all bought on special after all).  All those iPad / iPhone / 3DS / Vita games, not a problem.  All those MMO’s, definately! I love my MMO’s!

I’m like the girl obsessed with shoes, with racks and racks of unworn stilletos, except these days I’m not even adding to my game bookshelves, they’re pretty much all digital.  Of course that could be part of the problem, not seeing them makes it easy to hide them in my mind.

I’m extra lucky too. I work in games, and can therefore claim all my lovely purchases on tax.  But do I? No. Why? Because I’m too embarrassed at the shear number of them.  There’s no way I can justify them all to the tax person, surely.  So I claim some imaginary number of them, a number that I figure would be reasonable.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  I figure that if I have to reveal all my game purchases, tell the world the games I’m playing and how far I get in them, give my thoughts on them, that I’ll recover my addiction. That way I can become a ‘normal’ MMO blogger and focus solely on a game or three. I need to play all the way through if I’m going to write about them right? That way I’ll also be able to go to work and proudly discuss my latest gaming ventures, including the endings!

I love working in the industry, I love my games, what can I say.

P.S. I’ll just buy one game to start this blog off, no point in looking at games that are already stashed away surely ….



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4 responses to “And the purging (blogging) begins ….

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂

    I am guilty of being a butterfly gamer too…. What is worse I don’t even buy that many games! … well, at least not compared to my brother. Still it can suck to have all that games unplayed. Ah, so may games! So little time and energy!

    Anyhoo, I like your posts so far and looking forward for more. 🙂

    • Thanks Rakuno! This is an attempt to bring it under a bit more control. It’s easy to feel guilty with them all sitting there, like not eating all your dinner or something 😛

  2. theerivs

    As I become more casual, it seems I’m more butterflyish too. Can you be hard core AND a butterfly

  3. Theerivs, that’s a really good question, and I suspect a very subjective one as well! If you ask my sister (who only plays light hearted iPad games for example), I’m definitely a hard core gamer. I spend a minimum of 20 hours a week gaming (not counting what I do at work), I play games that she wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, not only MMO’s, but strategy games, RPG’s. However, if you ask one of the guys I used to raid with in Wow, then no, all I’m doing is questing, jumping from game to game, and no longer dedicating myself to a single game, staying up until 2am Friday nights trying to get through Karazhan for example.

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as to why I jump from game to game and it’s partly down to a lack of time. I work full time, I have kids, a husband, and occasionally I like to do things that don’t relate to games 🙂 I don’t have the time to play 2 MMO’s at once any more and if I try (which I often do :P), then I attach myself to the new one and quickly play less -> nothing on the old one. But by playing this way I’m never giving myself the chance to get to know the games properly, and the longer this goes on, the sadder it makes me feel. I don’t like being a butterfly, but I don’t like missing out on new MMO’s either.

    What am I at the moment is a hardcore butterfly, but I don’t think I’m a hardcore gamer anymore …. or at least not at the moment.

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