What’s in a feed

I was rather late to the party with respect to gathering a list of RSS feeds and reading them on a daily basis.  My earliest introduction was peering over the shoulder of a coder many years ago and seeing literally hundreds of unread items in all manner of categories and rolling my eyes (I’m one of those people who like order and a clean inbox).

But for the past year or so, one of my favourite times of the day is lying in bed at night with a cup of tea and my iPad, reading my Google Reader list and Zite (an amazing, free, catch all app for news about anything you might be interested in).  At work I have a slightly different list, fed into Outlook.  My day list is more ‘factual’, it has Kotaku Australia which I absolutely rely on for all the latest and greatest news as well as various other feeds such as Space Sector.  My evening list is mainly blogs (and more specifically MMO blogs), and I love hearing everyone’s thoughts about new games, watching the banter between bloggers and becoming convinced that I must try every game that is being talked about!  If there’s an MMO out there it’s highly likely that I’ve dabbled in it to a lesser or greater extent.

Reading blogs and general RSS feeds brings the world closer and helps me feel like I’m part of a community, even if up to this point I’ve been a largely passive participant.  Before I was fortunate enough to land a job in games I worked for a standard finance type company.  There were a small handful (well, maybe half a handful) of us that played games (vanilla Wow days) and the general consensus around the building was that games were nothing but a waste of time.  I could argue against this until the cows come home but if you’re reading this, then there’s unlikely to be a reason to do so :).  I do think that the climate has changed a lot since then (7 or so years ago), but I still find comfort in gathering all my feeds together and reading the thoughts of like minded people and finishing my day with a smile in the knowledge that I’m not alone.


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