When do you ‘finish’ an MMO?

Even though my husband has just today started playing Fallen Earth again, I am resisting … resisting … resisting.  One of the main purposes for this blog is to reduce my game flitting down to a level where I can feel like I’ve finished a game before I move on to the next one (or at least attempt to do this).  Of course if I find a game hideous I will be moving on regardless, these are games I’m talking about after all and should be enjoyed!  I will allow myself an MMO and a single player game at the same, but NO MORE!  I could save a fortune by only playing already purchased games, but if I’m honest with myself that’s never going to happen.  Even now I’m tempted to buy Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, but will resist (maybe).  Checking my Steam account I have 182 games, and I would guess that about 180 of them have never been finished.  Damn those Christmas package sales.  The point though, is not to dwell on the past, but to improve in the future.

But back to the reason behind the post.  Knowing when you’ve finished a single player game is easy (in most cases), but when do you ‘finish’ an MMO?

For the purposes of this blog I will consider an MMO finished (and allow myself to move on without guilt) when I hit max level.  Apart from any heroic type instances, I will have seen most of what the game has to offer.  I realise that to many people hitting max level means I’m just getting started, but I think it’s a nice discrete point at which I can claim to have ‘technically’ finished the game.    It doesn’t mean that I HAVE to move on, but just that I can.

So for now this (reformed) Butterfly will continue with Aion, and try to hit max level before Guild Wars 2.  I don’t think there’s any possible way to hit it before Secret World is out, so that will be an excellent test of my flitting deceleration :).  Hmmm, finishing Secret World will be a tricky one if there are no levels …..

No Secret World for me unless I hurry 😦






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3 responses to “When do you ‘finish’ an MMO?

  1. I think it is fine to say that you “finished” a MMORPG when you reached the level cap. After that the only way to “grow” your character would be to get more gear, grind factions or get achievements. So not a big deal in my opinion. Seeing the dungeons you can only see when you get to that level is nice too but optional as well.

    With Lineage 2 I did something a little different. The only thing I cared about was to get my main character to level 86. Since that is one level above the last class change (and there isn’t that many interesting stuff after that to me) and because that graduated myself from being someone else’s mentee. Since I got that I can move on to other games without regret now. Anything else I might get will be a bonus. @_@

  2. Wow, what an awesome effort in Lineage 2 :). Do you have any idea as to how long it took to level that character? The older games generally take a lot longer. Staying with Aion for a while should be easy, I’m really enjoying it and will post more details over the weekend. What MMO are you currently playing? Lord of the Rings, or Aion, or something else?

    • Way too long. Mostly the painful part was from 76 to 86. Since the Goddess of Destruction update they made it relatively easy to get from level 1 to 76. Specially if you can get a mentor. With a mentor that is on at the same time as you are, you get a 200% bonus XP plus some buffs. You also keep a contract with the mentor until level 86.

      Right now I am still mostly in Lineage 2 raising alts and doing parties with the clan when possible. Besides that trying to play LotRO and Aion too. But those are still going very slowly. Trying to get into the hang of Final Fantasy XVI too which goes even slower.

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