Sometimes the smallest things are the most important to immersion



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2 responses to “Immersion

  1. Is the game fun at all? I liked how it played back at launch, but the levels took far too long which tended toward making the content seem a lot more grindy, repetitive, and dull.

  2. Ah, now this is where being a butterfly is a GOOD thing. I always restart MMO’s with enthusiasm, everything is fresh again, the world is new and I’ve forgotten why it is that I stopped playing in the first place, and hope that those reasons no longer exist. Although I’ve mentioned that I want to stop flitting, maybe I won’t stop if I can look back and see why I moved from game to game to game (MMO’s only, I really should completely finish a few single player games, no excuses there at all).

    When I originally played Aion, I seem to remember stopping when we hit mid 20’s or so. Many quests become repeats, levelling became slow and yes,, despite the great scenery and other things it became a grind. Just this afternoon I was mentioning to my husband, that it was all coming back to me. More and more quests are repeatable, but for the moment I’m just dumping them. I seem to be ahead of them in levels so it’s all good for now. I love the swish of my daggers, my little cottage, my pet, the atmosphere, the fact that I know there’s still a lot to discover (and even more if I was into PvP), but only time will tell if it’s enough to keep me playing for long.

    Wow (my first serious MMO), LoTRo, and EQ2 have kept me playing for the longest in the past. In all of them I found friendly guilds, there’s very little grinding and sufficient fluff. I have no friends playing Aion with me at the moment, even my husband only dipped his toes in this time around.

    Given that I’m a well proven butterfly, I’d advise reading my posts again in a couple of weeks :P, If I’m not having fun, I’ll have moved onto something else, if it’s middling I’ll probably be hanging around waiting for Secret World but still playing, If I’m still enjoying it, I’ll still be playing, trying to find a legion (guild) and posting positive comments :).

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