Atreian Atlus

So I did get new wings, and a kimono!, and a pet with a 30 slot backback (for 7 days).  But not from the quest (the quest simply showed me how I could buy expensive – kinah purchased – new wings if I chose).

Every couple of levels the game gives you an in-game questionnaire.  That might sound tedious but it’s not, simply a checkbox and sometimes some goodies as a thank you for clicking said checkbox / radio button.  This one had a link to the Atreian Atlus an official game guide website that gives a personal journey for your character.  I’ve been there before but not taken much notice.  Now if I hadn’t have played Lineage II a bit this week I would never have checked to see if there were gifts associated with completing set goals, and there were, apparently quite a few of them given that I’m already level 30 😀  Hidden surprises, what fun!

Ain’t they purdy :), and they give me another 40 seconds of flight time

My kimono (representative of a sample of clothing from around the world)



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2 responses to “Atreian Atlus

  1. Oh, I didn’t know about the Atreian Atlus! I need to check it out later. Actually, I need to go back to playing Aion, getting to 20 and getting my free house! The only problem is there is still one day (I think) for Lineage 2’s anniversary event and the Spring Festival for LotRO. 😡

    Also, congratulations on reaching level 30! 😀

  2. There are just too many games! 🙂

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