Bits and Pieces

I have a week off work next week which is causing my mind to go into butterfly plus mode.  I don’t want to waste the week wandering through different games, but I can’t choose one to focus on.  I just wish Secret World or GW2 were out for my time off!

I hit 31 in Aion, but it’s slow going, been playing a bit of Lineage II, trying to get a wolf pet.  I’ve failed my ‘exam’ (how to raise a wolf) 3 times so far, and it’s not as easy as just repeating it, you have to go to three different towns and re-listen to advice that just doesn’t quite match the questions at all times.  It’s like being back at school (except I didn’t fail this much back then :P).

Lineage II seems to have an amazing amount of people still playing.  This shot is from a server that at login says ‘light’, and it’s taken in a newbie town at that.  I don’t know why I’m drawn back to play, it’s not an easy game, but the journey to 40 is supposed to be very fast so I guess I want to see what the ‘real’ game is like after that.  My wolf pet journey is just a side track, I’m a sucker for pets.

A crowded town

There’s a new game on my radar too, currently in Beta (although all the Beta slots are gone).  It’s called Salem, a sandbox permadeath crafting MMO, being published by Paradox (due Q3 2012).  Not my type of game normally at all, but it’s crafting looks excellent, and the graphics are cute and the game has witches, broomsticks and uses attributes such as ‘phlegm’ (yucko!).  Very appealing, a hardcore game with a cutesy wrapping.  Just one more for the future list :D.



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4 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. Haha. The wolf pet quest can be annoying. When I did it, I just cheated on it and using an external guide to get the right answers. >_>

    If you don’t mind cheating on the answers, here is the guide:

    And here is a generic pet guide in case you decide to get the other pets too. Some good tips about pets in general and a link to a couple of wolf guides:

    I recommend checking that as Lineage 2 can be pretty harsh even with pets.

    My advice are: 1) Make sure your wolf has always some wolf food on him. In the old days if he got to a point where his food bar was completely empty they would run away. I am not sure it still happens. 2) Always keep a bunch of scrolls of resurrection with you. At least until level 55 wolves die with pretty much a sneeze from enemies.

    Good luck and as always, holler if you need help! 🙂

  2. haha, good advice, thanks :D. I finally passed my test (wasn’t going to bed until I’d finished), so now I’ll stock up on food and scrolls and see how I go. As I said in my post, I’m not sure why I’m finding it appealing, it’s frustrating losing xp, redoing things over and over, but I guess it reminds me of the challenges of old. Too easy (like Wow :(), and there’s no sense of satisfaction of a job well done.

    • No problem and congratulations! 🙂

      I don’t know exactly what is the appeal of Lineage 2 to me either. Even though it is far more forgiving than it was about 5 years ago (when there was deleveling, huge XP walls, hard to solo after a certain level) it can still be frustrating as you noted. I guess to me it is because of the people I have been lucky to meet and who are passionate about the game. Not only because of clan chat but because it barely has any quests it makes it relatively easy to get together to do something. Games that rely on gigantic quest chains can be frustrating on that aspect since if someone ends up join the group there is a lot of running back and forth catching up everyone to the same part in the questline. Less quests or more loose quest lines makes that less of a problem.

  3. Yes, the people you play with make all the difference in the world :). Hopefully I’ll get to a bit more Lineage II this week, but it seems like my butterfly mode is extra bad this week 😛

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