I love Hobbits, maybe because they’re short like me? In fact, they’re all I’ll play in LOTRO.  Of course I immediately limit the classes I can play, but I don’t care, it just doesn’t feel right unless I’m sprinting around the world as one of my little friends.

I am ‘this’ short, and he’s kneeling!

Even though LOTRO has well and truly drawn me in (for this week), I don’t role play as such.  I do however let myself get drawn in, and LOTRO does a wonderful job of creating atmosphere.  I really do feel like a hobbit while I’m out and about, and the game does everything in it’s power to embrace that.  I just love being able to wear costumes and for the current book I’m doing (Vol III, book 4), Turbine kindly provided me with appropriate prisoner gear as part of the quest rewards.

In my Isengard prisoner gear cleaning up the slops

It’s hard to imagine that not everyone playing has seen the Lord of the Rings movies, or read the books, but I guess there must be some because the one thing that really irks me is seeing hobbits in-game with ….. shoes.  Shame on them, particularly when the game provides you with a very easy way of hiding them.  I feel like telling each and every shoe wearing hobbit I see that we simply don’t wear shoes, but instead I just shake my head and run on.

Hobbits do NOT wear shoes 😦



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4 responses to “Hobbits

  1. I agree. The thing that is making me stick with LotRO this time is because I stopped worrying about the gameplay (combat, leveling, etc.) and instead I am just basking in the little details of the world. The locations, the music, the NPCs lines, etc. Those are the real strengths of the game in my opinion. And yes, it may be silly to put that above smashing the face of orcs or whatever but at least as far as combat goes I have other, more interesting, games to find that kind of satisfaction on. An interesting Middle Earth to explore can be only found in LotRO though. :p

    And yes, seeing a hobbit wearing shoes makes my hobbit heart cry in sadness too.

  2. Zic

    I can confirm that shooting will finish shortly on “The Hobbit” being shot in NZ. Yes they rebuilt hobiton back at the original location to. I do believe there is a month of pickups and rap up to do in August, then they just got to put it all together…

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