Ding! 75 in LOTRO

You would think that with a week off I’d be posting more and not less, but I’ve had my eye on ‘finishing’ LOTRO, that is getting to max level.  This morning I finally got there! Now I can say (fortunately) that Wow is not the only game I’ve managed to get a max level character in.

Woohoo 75!!

I’ve had so much fun in LOTRO this week.  So … in spite of my normal butterfly behaviour I’m going to keep playing for a little while.  I have a huge list of things to do, traits to get, legendary weapons to now equip and get to max level, and maybe even some raids with the guild on a Saturday night.  I have no idea how to tank on a warden, or even how to be a good DPS party member, so I need to do some research on skills, traits etc.   I also want to try other classes. I have a mid level hunter and a burgular which I could continue with.  So although I’m ‘finished’ and free to move on I’ll be staying a while.  It’s such a wonderful immersive world and I’m eager to see more.

I have also pre-ordered the expansion, The Riders of Rohan, and I noticed that my in-game map now has a larger greyed out new area.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Turbine handle mounted combat.  The journey continues …





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2 responses to “Ding! 75 in LOTRO

  1. Woohoo~ Congratulations! 😀

    Good luck on getting the rest of your list of things done as well as with your other classes! 🙂

  2. Thanks Rakuno :). Concentrating on deeds at the moment, I flew through Moria (disliked it intensely) but I’m paying for it now and almost have to redo it to get my deeds done.

    Ha! Other classes! I keep wanting to play other characters but I’m a bit hopeless that way, where my husband always has alts galore I generally have a main and not much else. Whenever I play the other characters I want to play my main instead 😛

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