Dark Days are Coming – The Secret World – First Impressions

I’m glad this isn’t the real world!

I can already say with 95% certainty that I’ll be purchasing this game and I’ve only been playing for a couple of hours so far!

The game introduces you to it’s mechanics and story line with lots of cut-scenes, a couple of tutorials and opportunities to try out different weapons and test combat.  The world is great, fresh and modern.  The fact that it’s molded from our own little planet adds an extra layer of creepiness and I felt swiftly immersed in this land of zombies and other foul creatures.

The interface is clean and simple and the skills, crafting and questing are different enough from the standard to feel like there’s a lot to discover, and this is a good thing!

There are a tonne of quests and they’re often presented to you by the simple act of finding something lying around rather than the standard exclamation mark on the head of an NPC.  I love the fact that you can only have 5 quests at a time too.  All of the quests have multiple tiers (or stages) and feel like they’re aimed at taking you on an adventure to explore the world rather than simply being there to provide you with xp.

NPC’s can look a bit like plastic, and there are a few rough edges, but so far I’m really enjoying myself.

Travelling between various cities is an adventure in itself


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