Have I finished yet?

Oh boy, what a bad butterfly week.  Maybe it’s because I hit 75 in LOTRO, and am now hunting for the next big thing (while still exploring some of the end game content).  I don’t know.

Played a few more hours of The Secret World over the weekend.  The probability of my purchasing this game has sunk a bit.  Not because of combat, or quests, or immersion or anything like that.  It’s because I’m really not sure how the sense of progression is going to work.  The character screen on an MMO would traditionally show all your characters lined side by side, listing their classes and of course, their levels.  The Secret World has neither of these.  That in itself certainly limits rolling many alts.  My 3 standard character slots would most likely be held by me and then one for each son.

In a more traditional levelling MMO, you know when you hit end game content.  I know this goal only too well, it’s been my measure for ‘finishing’.  So how will this work in The Secret World, do you just do quests and group content until the cows come home?  How will other people know how strong you are?  Are they going to be able to see your skill tree for example?  There are probably good answers for each of these questions, but I don’t have them.  One of my complaints when I tried SWTOR was that it was like playing a 200 hour RPG.  If I’m going to play that sort of content I’d rather play a more condensed story based version such as Dragon Age or Mass Effect or Skyrim or many of the other AAA choices out there.  I suspect The Secret World may feel the same as SWTOR in that respect.

How will I know when I’ve reached the end?


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