TSW here we come!

After reading tonnes and tonnes of forum posts last night I decided to bite the bullet and buy The Secret World.  The variety of different types of quests (puzzle ones in particular), the in-game ambiance, the combat, and other features make it a compelling game in my eyes.  As far as a sense of progression is concerned, we’ll have to wait and see…

I’m actually considerably more excited about The Secret World than I am about Guild Wars 2 now 🙂

Oh, another one!

And did I mention the collections and achievements?  Yay!



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2 responses to “TSW here we come!

  1. SlothBear

    “I’m actually considerably more excited about The Secret World than I am about Guild Wars 2 now”

    HERESY!!!!! 😦

  2. So maybe I said that in haste :S. But butterfly gamers love a different game every week just about. I love GW, I have my 16 HoM points all ready and waiting for GW2 and I’m sure (particularly given the number of real life friends and guildies that will be playing) that I’ll be playing GW2 for a long time, longer than TSW.

    I have deliberately avoided playing GW2 so that I can discover it when I start playing, I don’t want to already be jaded when it comes out. There is a sense of magic starting something new that you’ve been looking forward to for ages. Removing the magic in beta is something I just didn’t want to do.

    So … TSW comes out in just over a week for pre-orders (as opposed to possibly next year). I have already played more of that than GW2 as I played with the sole intention of trying to decide whether or not to buy it (GW2 was insta-buy). It is filled with intrigue, investigating conspiracy theories, collections, etc. It is a totally different world to the usual fantasy MMO that I play and has a unique ambience.

    It is interesting to note that both games have managed to do away with ‘grey’ quests, thank goodness. Hopefully now, we will not feel compelled to rush from area to area and drop half of the quests along the way. Both games make significant moves in the right direction, they just take different directions. I don’t think it necessarily makes me a heretic to like both games :P.

    So in response to your comment, yes, ‘this week’ I am more excited about TSW :).

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