Games to play before The Secret World

Early start for The Secret World is next Friday (or Saturday for us Aussies).  I don’t want to play any MMO’s between now and then.  It will be nice to take a very short break from them and increase the fun and anticipation of starting something new.

There are two games that I do want to play this coming week however.  The first is Gravity Rush, a new purchase for my VITA.  I downloaded the demo and played that through.  By the end I was wishing there was more, so that’s always a good sign. There are some really interesting ideas in there so hopefully I’ll be coordinated enough to get through it.  I do tend to get motion sickness playing some games (mainly first person, started with Wolfenstein way back when), so hopefully I won’t be affected on a small screen.  I was fine with the demo, so here’s crossing fingers.

My copy of Paradox’s Crusader Kings 2 has been collecting virtual dust, even though it’s been tempting me for a while. My second aim for the week therefore is to get through a full game (which could be fast if I do something silly like die without an heir).  In preparation I’ve started watching some excellent tutorial / Let’s Play videos courtesy of SeeKayEm99.  They’re humorous, informative and don’t take things too fast.  There’s a lot to this game and I want to try get my head around it all.  I love the depth of Crusader Kings 2 (or at least the concept of that much depth).  I guess the best way to learn will be to just jump in and see how I go, if it ends early at least I’ll know what not to do! I have a friend who has now reached well over 300 hours in Civilization 5, so I guess these games can get kind of addictive if your brain’s wired that way.

I shall rule the world (and then my sons, and their sons et al)!

I may even dip my toes in the 4th beta weekend for TSW, not sure yet.  I could always try PvP which is something I very much doubt I’ll look at much after the game is officially released. I could also try out some of the weapons that I didn’t get to last weekend.

Lots to do, lucky it’s the weekend!



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2 responses to “Games to play before The Secret World

  1. SlothBear

    Crusader Kings 2 is one of those games I love reading about other people playing but don’t have the time to get into myself. *hint hint*

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