Crusader Kings 2 – 23 years on …

Yay, I survived Smallpox (meaning that I was lucky enough not to catch it) 🙂

I’ve played quite a lot today, but only managed to get through 23 years.  I am now waiting with a tinge of sadness for my 63 year old ruler to kick the bucket.  At least his 16 year old son will take over, and not my eldest, who is still, in my opinion, a creep.  I decided not to kill him but instead made him hate me even more by changing the succession laws to elective and nominating my second youngest son.  Lucky for me, that tactic seems to have worked.

1/3 of Ireland down, 2/3’s the go

I now have four county’s to my name, after coming to blows with a few of my neighbours, and things are chugging along nicely (for at least the last few minutes anyway).  Again, like a good book, the further in I get the more attached I’m becoming attached to my little world.

Given that there are multiple centuries ahead of me, I’m coming to the realization that these are loooong games, but for some reason it’s capturing my attention more than a standard 4X game.  I find 4X games appealing in concept but I get bored pretty quickly … not so with this game.  There are plots to unravel, people to marry, advice to give your kids when they’re stupid, armies to manage, taxes to collect, ambitions to strive for and much more.  Lucky I’m used to MMO’s :P.  But of course it also could also mean that unless I do something wrong it may well take longer than a week to complete.  I will have to start using the super fast forward button when not much is happening.

Crusader Kings 2 is very diligent about reminding you of the important things too.  There are aspects to the game, such as providing children with guardians for their education once they reach the age of six, that would be very easy (read: almost guaranteed) to forget if you weren’t reminded.

I’m slowly getting the hang of things, but need to do more Let’s Play watching.  There are plenty of times when I know ‘what‘ I want to do, but not ‘how‘.  Hopefully it won’t feel too overwhelming as I gather more and more counties, plus I’m fully aware that things could go terribly wrong very easily.



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6 responses to “Crusader Kings 2 – 23 years on …

  1. SlothBear

    Sweet, CK2 play reports 😀

  2. Yay for surviving Smallpox!

    And now I am imagining it like a novel too… For instance “Lord so and so, after having a close brush with death realized that if he did not act now, all that he built could fall in the hands of his disgraced eldest son. With the epidemic of Smallpox barely over he changed the laws of the land so he could elect his second son to be his rightful heir.”

  3. Awesome, you should write for a living! That makes it feel even more alive 🙂 (But don’t expect my following posts to be a novel, these posts are as close as I’ll get :P).

  4. Thank you but I don’t think I am that good (or creative for that matter). 🙂

    And I won’t. Your posts are pretty entertaining as it is. 🙂

  5. Well, your AAR is pretty close to a novel, you know…

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