Long live the (next) King

So my first Duke (Murchad I) lasted until the grand old age of 78, not bad even for today’s standards!  Things got extremely hectic straight after that.  This game can be both incredibly busy (thanks goodness you can pause time), or incredibly slow (but you can fast forward pretty rapidly too).

Death comes to us all

Having my first Duke die was a good learning tool for understanding the laws of succession better.  My new Duke now has a son, I have named him Frederich and even though he’s only 1 I have high hopes for him!  But first I need to get him to the throne.  To do this, I need to change the laws of succession, and to do that I need to have ruled for 10 years and have every vassal like me.  That last bit is tricky, I tried to revoke the title of the ruler of Leinster a while back (so that I could own it outright) and didn’t do a great job.  The siege ended but nothing seemed to happen, so I called peace and retreated.  Clearly I was no longer on his favourite person list.  So, a couple of years later I tried again (with a bit more of an understanding of battles) and this time succeeded.  I now have fewer vassals (by 1) and they all like me.  Once I hit 10 years, I shall change the laws and all will be good (in my dreams) 😛

Another aspect to the game (which I still don’t fully have my head around) is upgrades to your county’s, such as walls, markets, harbours etc.   I’m upgrading things, but I’m just not sure whether they’re the right things. Again, more research required.

You want, we can build it, for a price.

Some games in Steam have a link to the manual on the right hand side of the library page, CK2 doesn’t for some reason, but I found it here for anyone interested.  This Wiki is also great for beginner help and strategies.

EDIT: Actually you can get to the manual from within Steam, just the store page rather than the library page.

My husband likes games that are self explanatory, where you don’t have to do a lot of research, reading, watching etc.  This is not one of those games 😛

I think I’ll keep plugging away and post a summary when I’m finished.  Kind of like a mini review.  Already I can say that for a complex game, and me not being a great strategy game player, it’s surprisingly good fun and as long as you do a bit of homework first, you can jump in and at least give it a try without the game ending too fast 🙂



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4 responses to “Long live the (next) King

  1. From my seat of spectator, things does seem to be going well for you now. Or at least smoothly without any crazy son hating you or plagues devastating the kingdom. 🙂

    And I am kinda like your husband. I prefer just to jump in and learn by doing. Granted, it doesn’t make me the best player and god knows how I was able to finish some strategy games back in the days (at least I think I finished them…) but it works for me.

    Funny enough I don’t mind doing research for MMORPGs. I guess it might be because I expect to spend more time with MMORPGs and play with other people too. So I don’t want to be the buffoon who doesn’t know which side of the sword he is supposed to hold. 🙂

  2. This afternoon’s play has been a brain ache, succession of heirs is messy and I’m not quite sure how to clean up all the mess yet!

    I think my husband’s preference is for game design to be good enough that it will teach you as you go but with games like this I don’t know if it’s possible, they are so intricate. A challenge out there for game designers to be sure.

    Research for this game is interesting, it’s not so much a ‘what do I do now’ as understanding all the different mechanisms and figuring out how you could employ them to help you. No instruction book in the world could help you with every situation you face.

    This game is huge, even if I played the same ruler over again I can guarantee the game would be vastly different and there are tonnes and tonnes of rulers to choose from. It even has multiplayer, you could conceivably play games for years (real years) if you were that patient (which I’m not, that would be very unbutterfly like :)).

    Playing with others does certainly put a pressure on you that isn’t there with single player games, but even so at low levels I don’t think it matters, so you can still do the trial and error thing 🙂

  3. Yikes! I thought the succession was a simple thing. Like, “Oh, the old King is dead. The new one is old enough to take the throne. Let’s throw a ceremony to make it all official like and go back to our lives.” On the other hand it was a time were assassination and intrigues were all too common.

    *nods* Still in agreement with your husband’s preferences. To me a game should only be as complex as it needs to be. That way you can take decisions based on what information is provided to you in the game and not having to rely on external sources to figure out if the decision you are making is a good one or some really dumb one. Although in the case of Crusader Kings II it seems that a certain complexity is necessary to give the game its depth. Not something bad per se, just a different type of game. @_@

    In fact, I like the idea of a game that can be replayed multiple times and every time it still feel like it is a different challenge. 🙂

    I am not that patient to play a session for years either though. :p

    True. Plus at least in MMORPGs they are becoming less and less punitive when you make mistakes. At least as far as character building goes. What with all the character respecs and such that are so common nowadays. Considering the time we spend playing MMORPGs and the changes they go throughout their lifecycle, this is a good thing. @_@

  4. No succession is not simple, and even if you have all the right rules in place, nobody much likes the new king for a while. My current (4th?) king (110 years in out of 400 – long games) had a terrible time starting out, but things are settling down now thankfully. I have only 4 counties left to take over in Ireland and then all of Ireland is mine 🙂 (I’m already ‘King of Ireland’).

    I’m guessing from current play that a whole game at the speed I’m going should take around 40 hours, play a few games and I think you’ve easily got your money’s worth :). I’m going to push myself to finish the game, after all, that’s half the point of this blog, to ‘better’ my gaming ways. But I doubt it will be finished by the time TSW starts. Hopefully within a week or two after that.

    I’m still definitely having fun though 😀

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