Exploring a new world

Been a bad few days on painkillers, so I’ve pretty much slept for the last 2 1/2 days straight (on the mend fast now, so all good :)).   At least today I’ve finally been awake enough to try out The Secret World and know that my character will still be around tomorrow 🙂

My character, Leeftea “Leelue” Brown  (a Dragon) is so far a hammer wielding force to be reckoned with 😛

I’ve only played for a few hours so far, but I’m looking forward to playing more.   Crafting will take a while to get used to, but I think it will be fun down the track.  Crafting basically works by crafting different items with the same materials simply based on the shape that the components make.  It would be nice to have a crafting book to refer to with recipes you’ve already learnt, but I guess after time you’ll know the shapes of the recipes that you use on a regular basis.

So far I’m not finding the lack of levels a bad thing like I thought I might.  You become so engrossed in the quests that the hours disappear and before you know it, you have a few AP (Ability Points) and SP (Skill Points) to allocate.  I already have 7 active and 7 passive skills which means from now I’ll be having to choose which skills to put on my hotbars.  That part of the game reminds me of the original Guild Wars, but with more freedom given that you’re not limited to skills of a particular class (of course, you still have to learn all of the weapons and skills that you can choose from).  Switching your skills in and out of the hotbar or passive bar is very simple and fast.

The quests are great, and the puzzle ones really get you thinking.  My husband and I were worried that all the answers to the puzzle quests would be available in general chat, but for the most part people playing are very reluctant to give out anything except vague clues.  Hopefully that’s a sign of a generally more mature audience.  I’m glad we have 2 heads to think things through though, some of the quests are seriously tricky!

More thoughts when I get to play some more after work this week 🙂

Don’t hold back on the gore

150 years into Crusader Kings, and with Secret World out now, it might be a ‘while’ before I finish the epic 400 years journey 😛


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