My 30th Post – Neatly timed for Guild Wars 2

And what a wonderful game it is!  (Kind of makes Wow look like a stodgy old dinosaur).

One of my characters, pondering her new life

Reading other blogs, I see a few people complaining about the launch, servers full, crashing etc. Come live in Australia!  The servers crashed at about 10:30 last night, I waited for a while and then decided bed was the best place.  Up nice and early and everything was back running smoothly again.

I’ve been looking forward to GW2 for ages now, like 1/2 the other gamers on the planet.  At some stage (being a butterfly and all), it crosses your mind that perhaps it’s just another hyped up game and you’ll start playing and it won’t quite be right, won’t tick all the boxes.  So far, GW2 is everything I hoped it would be and more.  Well done ArenaNet! Let’s hope other companies follow in your lead in the future and release with a such a polished, well thought out, complete, utterly fun game.

So what’s so great so far?

Gorgeous graphics, everyone can rez everyone, no need for trinity, events!, discovery’s in crafting, big areas to explore, achievements!, Asura, individual crafting nodes, underwater combat (done well), bank available at crafting stations, crafting items have their own massive collectibles section, move your crafting collectibles to their section at any time – anywhere, salvaging, Asura, crafting gets faster the more you do at once, Vistas, daily – weekly – monthly rewards for all kinds of stuff, no subscription!, exploring, Asura, lots of friends playing, guild up and running :),  etc etc etc.

Edit: More that came to mind, groups are remembered between sessions and accounts (eg, hubby and I change characters and are still grouped :)), mail is instant send – instant receive – no hunting for a mailbox, share in other people’s story quests, don’t like your starting area (or done it too many times) – go to another one, characters are automatically down leveled when you go to or return to a lower leveled area, bank and crafting items are shared between all your characters – great for those of us that like to be self sufficient in crafting :).

Want your hard earned HoM goodies? Visit the ruins of the Hall of Monuments

All decked out in my Hall Of Monuments spoils

I even tried WvW (I’m not PvP player), and it was fun!

So far I’ve rolled (all Asura) an Engineer, Necromancer and Ranger.  Love all 3, hmmm, which one am I going to level first?!

Hubby and I out adventuring

I wish I could take a month off work right about now 😛



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5 responses to “My 30th Post – Neatly timed for Guild Wars 2

  1. Glad to see you are enjoying the game too. 🙂

    Also, I think you forgot to mention Asuras when you mentioned cool things about Guild Wars 2. 😉

  2. Hehe, they’re too gorgeous!

  3. Krys

    I played a little more in depth with the crafting/discovery this morning. While I knew about, and was excited by, discovering recipes, I didn’t realise the extent of it. I am happy so say that I find the crafting/recipe discovery system about the best part of the game (for me).

    I looked at my Jeweller, and created a band setting, but had no recipes that used it. WTF! Surely even at the basic level I should be able to make a +1 ring! Then it *really* dawned on me – I have to discover that ring recipe.

    I looked in the bank (immediately), and I had some gems there. I took them out, went to the discovery window, and viola! I discovered and made 2 rings. That’s when I realised much much fun thsi crafting system was going to be. Without discovery, it resembled WoW’s crafting (which I don’t think is necessarily bad) – but now I have that extra dimension to tinker around with. Each new ingredient I find will bring me back to play around with my 6 crafting professions to see what I can now discover.

    I do hope that one day they allow me to do discovery playing directly from the banked collectibles though. Currently I have to transfer every item stack one by one to my bag.

  4. Now you just have to make sure that you avoid websites that will no doubt be jam packed with all the discoverable recipes, ruining the process altogether. I’m amazed at the number of guides (even an official Brady one already) that are about. I will be actively ignoring them all. Maybe by level 80 I’ll start looking into some, but until then, I just want to have fun 🙂

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