Guild Wars 2 – A leap of faith and family fun

I can’t remember having this much fun playing a game together with my family.  We tried a family guild in Wow at one stage, but the kids want to do different things and well, I find it a boring game after all these years.   Guild Wars 2 has something for everyone and being so new there are plenty of tips to be passed around between us.  I discovered today that my son had no idea about the ease of banking collectibles for instance, or that he could spend his gold on gems and buy fluff suits to make his character look all powerful.  It was liberating pointing out the gem purchases as they’re now entirely in his hands instead of my wallet 😛

One thing my son has been enjoying immensely is exploring.  Finding paths to Vistas, conquering jumping puzzles, and having a great time with costumes and weapons and all things cosmetic.  This afternoon he gave hubby and I a tour of some of the more interesting things he’d found.  For example, how to get to a difficult vista in Lion’s Arch that then led onto a jumping puzzle and finally a level 40 karma vendor.  No one does jumping puzzles better than a kid.

In full explore mode I then thought I’d grab the other vistas in the area.   I nearly split my sides laughing when, at the top of a high tower above water, I donned goggles only to find myself in one piece bathers and goggles, the scene egging me on to take a leap of faith off the diving board into the water far far below. What fun!

They were so tempting just lying there and sparkling so brightly

With a scream and a flailing of limbs, down I went!

Once again, it’s the little things 😀



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  1. We loved your post and will be following this blog from now on specially since we are a gamer..Nice work!

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