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Mixing and matching – the MMO juggler

Reading Syp’s post today about RIFT’s Storm Legion expansion made me a bit sad.  He seems to be the juggling king, while I bounce from MMO to MMO never completely satisfied, the life of a butterfly I guess.  I have played and enjoyed all the MMO’s that he mentions in his post, but there is no way known I could play them all (or even two) at once.   The trouble is, once I move onto a new (or old) MMO, the pull to play the original one gets exponentially less over the ensuing days.  My brain also knows full well that if I put my time into many different games, I’ll never hit max level in any of them (hence the fact that Wow and LotRO are the only MMO’s I’ve hit max level in), and so I convince myself that I’m better off sticking with the most recent one and then of course end up getting nowhere in any of them.

Over the last couple of weeks however things have been a little different.  My Asura Ranger in Guild Wars 2 is now around level 26 (well behind a lot of my guild – we have a level 80 already), but she’s having fun nevertheless.  She potters around the cooking station mixing mad concoctions in the effort to find a new recipe, follows some guildies to unexplored starting areas, then tries a bit of WvWvW (of which she is completely hopeless but enjoys anyway), and then heads to the bigger areas to explore and join in with the general crowd.

Taking a break from it all

I also have a Thrasher Ship in Eve, and have been playing Eve Online for around the same amount of time each week as GW2.  Finally! Two MMO’s at once.  I have less than 2 million skill points, so I’m only a baby, but I’m working my way towards a Cheetah; exploration and hacking are something I’d like to try.  Right around the time GW2 started, CCP invited me back to Eve with a 3 month subscription deal, and I accepted.

How am I managing it now when usually I can’t at all? I think it’s because they’re so very different.  One is your traditional fantasy MMO and the other is  a game where everything is completely different, where there is enough to learn to fill several books and then some.  That aspect alone makes Eve very appealing.

Maybe I jump from game to game to game because they’re generally pretty similar; theme-park MMO’s in a fantasy setting.  So far, combining GW2 (with the appeal of a group of players I enjoy spending time with in a familiar environment), with an MMO that makes me feel like a kid again is working out well.  Of course only time will tell but it’s looking good so far :).

Not quite as personal as a normal character, but fun nevertheless. Who doesn’t love the thought of exploring the Universe?



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