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Rift – Preparing for Storm Legion and random thoughts

Although my blog has been awfully quiet of late, my gaming certainly hasn’t stopped.  I reached 80 in GW2 for a start.  Why didn’t I jump up and down and post about it? To be honest, reaching max level in GW2 didn’t feel like much of an achievement.

I was really looking forward to GW2, I spent many many hours in GW, striving to reach a whole ton of goals and earn myself some Hall of Monuments points.  GW was hard, it was strategic, getting anywhere in that game felt like an achievement.  In contrast I found it really hard to feel any sense of roleplay in GW2.  Despite the story quests I didn’t feel emotionally immersed in the world.  I actually missed the more standard quests and some quiet time doing things like fishing (I love in-game fishing for some reason).  I was (and presumably still am) in a great and active guild, but even having friends couldn’t make it feel more like home unfortunately. After the initial excitement wore off, bouncing from heart to heart and jumping into events got old quickly. I made it to 80, but that was simply from pushing myself to get there, not from wanting to get there.  That’s not to say I won’t continue to play occasionally but it will never be my main MMO.

So where to from there?  I had no compulsion to play Wow whatsoever, so I decided to sub to Rift for a month instead.  The upcoming (awesome!) housing in Rift was enough for me to want to jump in again and see if I felt any different this time around.  To my surprise I loved it!  I took my level 35 Rogue from ages ago and levelled her to 50.  Once I got to 50 I hunted around for a guild, found a really nice, helpful guild and am currently having a ball running some instances with them and listening to chat (learning a ton while I do so).  Unfortunately most of the members are in the US, but for weekend events it should work well and even in my evening there always seems to be some people on-line.  My main aim before next week and the release of Storm Legion is to get all my crafting skills to 300 so I can hit the ground running on at least one character.

What I’m liking about Rift ….

Rift feels a bit like returning home.  It’s that comfortable feeling.  Kind of reminds me of vanilla Wow a bit, the Wow that no longer exists (‘kind of’ mind you, there is a lot of cool stuff packed into Rift).  There are quests and crafting and fishing and everything you expect.  I die, fairly regularly, and that’s a good thing :).  I care about my character.  There’s so much to do and I want to see it all!

I love that my Rogue is able to change souls at the drop of a hat.  When I’m soloing I tend to go sneaky backstabbing, but in a Sanctum adventure or dungeon I switch to my mighty bow build and stay a bit safer at a distance.  It’s done in a couple of seconds.  And that’s just 2 souls, each character can have several.

Yes, combat is all hotkey based, and there’s no dodging like GW2, but personally I play MMO’s to relax.  I don’t necessarily want to be jumping around like a blue ass fly all the time.

In Rift you have it all, collectibles, fishing, crafting, rifts, questing, dailies, instant adventures, rep, dungeons, raids, gear to collect, mounts to collect, pets to collect, everything you could expect.  I enjoyed EQ2 because it had everything as well, but I like the atmosphere in Telara and Trion really are superb at regularly adding new content.  EQ2 has terrific housing and by the looks Rift housing (Dimensions) will be even better.  MMO Gamer Chick has a great blog on dimensions.

Not everything about Rift is great of course, they still have annoying quests hubs that you return to 3 or so times to hand in quests and get new ones.  Apparently Trion are working on changing that though, and by the high levels I was noticing a lot of quests being picked up from dropped items, or NPC’s with quests in the middle of nowhere so that was a relief.

Anyway, that’s this month! I’ve only subbed for a month at a time, don’t want to jinx my current enjoyment :P.  I have a new Cleric that needs to get to 50 too!

There’s a storm coming ….




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